Weapons Training

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Want to get a Michigan Concealed Pistol License?  Take the required class to get your Michigan Concealed Pistol License in the Detroit Metro area.  Live Safe Academy, LLC has been teaching the required class to get a CPL since 2000.  We have the experience that saves lives.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our CPL class.

Personal Protection Products – A Buyers Guide

Is Pepper Spray legal in Michigan?  Can I own a Taser?  What self-defense products can I own, and what really works?  Find out in this buyers guide to self-defense options.  An honest and objective evaluation of strengths and weaknesses.  Topics will include chemical defense sprays, flashlights, Tasers, and common objects like writing pens, keys and walking sticks.  In this class you will also learn legal considerations for buying and using self-defense products and gun laws.

Chemical Defense Sprays

Learn the safe, responsible and effective use of pepper spray. Topics will include product selection, safe storage and carry methods. You will also learn which products are legal in Michigan. Students will practice time-tested, relevant skills that are easy to learn and retain.

Don’t waste your money or risk your safety on bad products, and don’t fall victim to common assumptions about self-defense. Pepper spray can be a valuable tool to help protect your safety, but the right product and proper use are critical to your success.

Sharp Weapons

This hands-on workshop is designed to develop life-saving skill with minimal training. The methods taught are time-tested, relevant and easy to learn and retain. Participants will learn how to properly carry, conceal and rapidly deploy commonly carried items like folding knives and pens to stop deadly assaults. Topics also include use-of-force and the law, tool selection and the principles of sharp trauma.

Impact Weapons

Learn how to use modern practical impact weapons like tactical flashlights, expandable batons, T-ball bats and walking sticks. Topics include use-of-force and the law, tool selection and the principles of blunt force trauma.


Tasers are now legal in Michigan. Learn the legal requirements to obtain a taser, the legal guidelines for using a taser in self-defense, how tasers work, common myths that could get you hurt when protecting yourself with a taser, and how to select the best product for your needs.

Gun Safety

With firearms found in about half of all American homes today firearm safety is a must for everyone. This important workshop will teach you the essential principles of firearm safety, helping you to immediately identify unsafe behaviors and activities. You will have the opportunity to practice your gun handling skills on every major design of firearm, giving you a rare level of comprehensive training. Topics include The Basic Elements of Firearm Safety – Attitude, Knowledge and Skill,The Fundamental Rules of Safe Gun Handling, Identifying and Unloading Different Types of Firearms, Different Types and Uses of Ammunition, Firearm Cleaning and Care, Firearm Storage Options, and Parents’ Guide to Firearm Safety – What Should You Teach Your Child about Firearm Safety?

Introduction to Concealed Carry Methods

This 3-hour workshop will be a focused presentation of concealed carry options, including gear selection, placement and drawing methods. Don’t leave your gun at home because it’s uncomfortable to carry, or spend a lot of money experimenting with different equipment. Get the answers you need in this short, affordable program.

Target Focused Shooting / Force-on-Force Workshops

This TFS workshop will teach you how to shoot effectively under realistic conditions. Most assaults are spontaneous, high stress, low light, close range and quick. The statistical norm is to be attacked by one to three assailants, multiple assailants being the rule not the exception. The majority of gunfights begin within 5′, most of these begin within 2′. The vast majority of gunfights begin within 10′. Under these circumstances, you need combat proven methods that are based on physiological and psychological responses to survival stress, gross motor movements, natural / common motor skills and real world conditions like rapid movement.

In addition to the skill development inherent to all firearm-training programs, our force-on-force programs incorporate interactive, man-on-man shooting exercises using protective gear and Airsoft training guns. You will also have an opportunity to participate in combat simulations, allowing you to test your skill and judgment against interactive assailants under realistic conditions.

TFS can be taught in a 3 hour Fundamentals of Combat Shooting course without assault simulations or an 8 hour workshop with assault simulations. Custom programs are also available to address a broad range of real world needs.

Michigan Concealed Pistol License

Fulfill all training requirements necessary to obtain a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. Learn safe, responsible and effective methods of concealed carry. Live Safe Academy, LLC, was one of the first schools to provide this training when the law was reformed in 2000. We are an approved Criminal Justice Training provider by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. We have experience training thousands of individuals in this course. Our program is taught by the former State Chair of Education for one of the primary organizations responsible for ensuring the right of every law-abiding citizen to obtain a CPL.