Unarmed Force Methods

Eye Gouge.  Because You Are Worth Protecting.

Eye Gouge. Because You Are Worth Protecting.

2-Hour Program

This workshop is a focused presentation of critical skills. Students will learn palm, elbow and knee strikes, the fighting platform and skill integration through the use of striking pads. This course can be presented in 1, 1.5 or 2 hours.

4-Hour Program

This workshop combines the skills and training methods taught in the 2 hour course with assault simulations and eye gouges. In this class students will have an opportunity to practice life saving self-defense skills full force against a padded instructor. Students will also have an opportunity to practice diffusing confrontations verbally while learning to identify when an assault is imminent, and practice 911 calls.

8-Hour Program

This workshop combines the skills, training methods, talking points and assault simulations in the 4 hour course with defenses against chokes, grabs and attacks from the rear. This class can be taught in 2 hour blocks if needed.

16-Hour Program

Titled “Real World Self-Defense”, this workshop is an expanded version of the 8 hour course. Based on our popular college class that we have been teaching since 2003, the opportunity for skill development is greatly increased by allowing more training time. Consequently, the scenarios in this program are much more challenging, further enhancing the opportunity to learn. This class can be taught in 2 or 8 hour blocks.

Students can also register in this program through the Royal Oak and Southfield campus of Oakland Community College (PER 1790)

Additional Programs

The skills and information taught in the courses listed above are not dependent on age, gender, size or strength and apply equally to both men or women, however, we do have several programs designed to address the specific needs of senior citizens, children and individuals with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges, as well as military, law enforcement, corrections, private security and medical professionals. We also teach non-impact control methods and unarmed force methods to defend against armed assailants.