Setup a Class

In addition to attending our public courses, you can schedule private training.  Prices vary so please contact us directly for a quote.

One-on-One Instruction

Have an instructor all to yourself. One-on-One instruction offers a number of advantages. Most students learn faster and easier, and obtain a higher level of both confidence and competence. Additionally, private instruction can be tailored to your specific needs.
Who can benefit the most from private instruction:
1) Advanced students
2) Someone learning a new subject for the first time
3) Students who want to build on the knowledge they gained in one of our public courses

Private instruction is great in twos too. Mothers and daughters, friends, spouses and co-workers often take private instruction together.  Even parents with children can benefit tremendously from learning together.

We can even train you in your home or workplace, allowing you to practice responding as you would in a real crisis.


Organize your own group. Instruction can be provided in a home, workplace, places of worship or any other suitable location. The fee per student of a private class can often be the same as a public class, so you get the same quality of instruction and affordable prices with the convenience and comradery of a private group.
Live Safe Academy, LLC also has a lot of experience working:
Boy and Girl Scouts
Fitness Centers
Small Businesses
School Systems
Medical Facilities
Government Entities
Private Security
Law Enforcement
Discounts available for larger groups. We have experience working with groups as large as 100 people.


We provide custom lectures to groups of all sizes, and of all ages.  Our discussions are interactive and dynamic.  We can incorporate physical demonstrations and Q&A into our presentations. 


We travel to anywhere we are needed, including out of state and out of country. Group sizes normally range between 20 and 25 people, however we are happy to work with small exclusive groups too.

Live Safe Academy, LLC is also available to teach in colleges, community centers, and after school programs.