Observations from Homicide Scenes – How to Stay Out of a Body Bag

1. Be Smart A lot of people who end up in a body bag put themselves there. Don’t do stupid things with stupid people in dangerous places. Always make smart decisions that reduce risk. The best way not to be there on the backend is not to be there on the front-end. Every situation you avoid is a situation that you win. Prevention is the only guarantee of safety. 2. Be Aware There is an unavoidable gap between action and reaction. It is in that gap that fights are often won or... Read More

Post 11 – How Self-Defense and Gun Training Can Saves Lives

On 9-11-15 a man was shot and killed in his car on the eastside of Detroit. I was not working for the Medical Examiner that day because I teach two self-defense classes at the Royal Oak campus of Oakland Community College on Fridays, but my partners transported his body from the scene. On Sunday 9-13-15 I trained with a small group of individuals that meet once a month as part of our personal development as use-of-force instructors, and because some of us work in law enforcement, the... Read More

Post 10 – What I Learned From The Last Murder / Shooting Scene I Worked

I work part-time for a private company that is contracted to transport bodies for the 3rd largest Medical Examiner in the United States. Through this company I also have experience working with 2 other counties. As a result I'm called to many crime scenes where people are shot, stabbed, beat or choked to death. I also go to many scenes where people die from a variety of medical emergencies. By having direct access to real scenes I am better able to educate my students about violent... Read More

Post 9 – How to Carry a Concealed Handgun (Part 1 of 2)

How to Carry a Concealed Handgun – Part 1 of 2 Release Date: 5-5-15 Learn How To Select A Method To Conceal A Handgun That Works For You General Principles How you choose to carry your gun will depend on your lifestyle, personal preference, body type and style of dress. Factors when carrying include: 1.) Comfort If the gun is uncomfortable to carry, it probably won’t be carried consistently. How often we carry our gun is a personal choice but we don’t want to find ourselves... Read More

Post 8 – How to Get a Michigan Concealed Pistol License

Post 8 – How to Get a Michigan Concealed Pistol License Release Date: 12-16-14 A Michigan Concealed Pistol License allows you to lawfully conceal handguns on or about your person, and in your vehicle. To qualify for a concealed pistol licenses or “CPL”, often referred to as a CCW, you must meet the follow criteria:... Read More

Post 7 – How To Get Free Legal Advice

Post 7 - How To Get Free Legal Advice Release Date: 12-16-14 Have a legal question? Do you know that you can get a free 30 minute phone consultation with an attorney by using the referral service of most County BAR Associations? If your local County BAR Association does not give a free 30 minute phone consultation, don’t worry. Just contact anther County BAR Association. County BAR Associations are professional organizations, not County government programs, so they don’t care where... Read More

Post 6 – How to Renew My Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL)

Post 6 - How to Renew My Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Release Date: 6-8-14 1.) Do I need another training certificate? No. When you fill out the Concealed Pistol License application you “certify” with your signature (NOT a class certificate) that you have “completed at least 3 hours' review of the training described under section 5b(7)(c) and has had at least 1 hour of firing range time in the 6 months immediately preceding the subsequent application”. Section 5b(7)(c)... Read More

Post 5 – In Memory of a Stick Fighter (Balintawak)

Post 5 - In Memory of a Stick Fighter (Balintawak) Release Date: 5-30-14 I wrote the article below at the request of the Buot family to memorialize my teacher of 11 years, Teodoro "Ted" Buot of Balintawak. Balintawak is a Filipino stick fighting system. Want to listen to this article: http://soundgecko.com/view/lvHGizGJP0qs_ysJnhMVjw4qt4vEas/post-5-in-memory-of-a-stick-fighter In 1994 I met a man who I had heard much about. Training with him meant no rank, no titles, no... Read More

Post 4 – Why Target Focused Shooting

Post 4 - Why Target-Focused Shooting? Release Date: 5-2-14 The following information comes from a handout Ian Kinder developed for students of Live Safe Academy, LLC. Please enjoy and share. First, what is TFS? Target-Focused Shooting, also called "point shooting" or "threat focused shooting", is when you aim your gun while looking directly at the threat, not looking at the gun sites, laser red dot or through optics. This is important because your brain will reflexively focus your eyes on... Read More

Post 3 – Gun Reloading Skills

Post 3 - Gun Reloading Skills Release Date: 4-19-14 Want to listen to this article: http://soundgecko.com/view/7-Ch1qZVwkKkzBXMODzCDAs8Runihs/post-3-gun-reloading-skills Perspective: People almost never reload their guns in a real fight. And when they do it's almost always after the fact, so the reload doesn't actually influence the outcome. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to quickly load our guns. But that's a fact that I share with students to help give a realistic context to... Read More