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What do criminals and politicians have in common?  They take what you don’t protect and they like easy targets. Protect your right of self-defense.  Join / Renew / Or Add a Year to the National Rifle Association.  Click on the image below to save $10, and please encourage others to do the same:


Click Here: Changes to Concealed Pistol License Law – December 2015 Update

Click Here: Amended Pistol Training or Safety Program – December 2015 (Michigan Legislature Website)

Click Here: Michigan Model Criminal Jury Instructions Regarding Self-Defense

Important Note: The Jury Instructions above is the current version on as of 3-22-14, however, it does not reflect the “Michigan Self-Defense Reform of 2006” shown in the MSP update below.

Click Here: Michigan State Police Legal Update September 2006

Interacting with police.  What you need to know about the Fifth Amendment:

Critical Incident Amnesia – The Physiological Basis and the Implications of Memory Loss During Extreme Survival Stress Situations:

Michigan Good Samaritan Law:

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® Surviving an Active Shooter Event by the City of Houston, Texas USA:


Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas on Justice Files:

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